Looting legal regulations

Anti-Jewish laws 1938-1942

Goal of the XV noted by Darányi Kálmán, issued on May 29, 1938. Article of the law on the more effective safeguarding of social and economic life was that which excludes Jews not only from politics, but in general from intellectual life.

Under the government of Imrédy Béla, on May 5, 1939, the fourth article of the law appeared on the restriction of Jews in public life and in their economic occupation, and which forced the Jews to physical daily wage labor.

The XV. submitted by the government of Bárdossy László Article of the law in 1941 was not against Jews in its title (on the amendment and protection of marriage law) but rather anti-Semitist in its content.

The (1) point of the 9th section stated: “marriage between non-Jews and Jews is forbidden”. This legal regulation was made according to the already notorious Nuremberg Laws. The 14th §. stated that if a Jew enters into a marriage with a non-Jew (and vice versa), “commits a criminal offense and is punishable by up to 5 years in prison, loss of office and elimination of his/her political rights”.

The first legal regulation that adversely affected the property of the Jews was the XV. article of the law in 1942, on the agricultural and forestry real estate of Jews, which came into force under the presidency of Kállay Miklós.

A real estate purchase ban was initiated for those affected, and they were obliged to lend the real estate and the commercial operations and facilities on it. This law achieved total disenfranchisement, which meant that Jews were not allowed to have any property.

The magazine "Magyar Törvénykezés"/Hungarian judiciary with the first enforcement order of the XV. Article of the law of 1942 on "The agricultural and forestry property of the Jews", September 20, 1942 (Forgotten Sopronians)
Envelope from the editorial staff of the work relating to the II. Jewish Law, August 15, 1929 (Sopron Museum Small Print Collection)

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