Full robbery and deportation

Full robbery and deportation of the Hungarian Jews: 1944-1945

According to such a prehistory, the occupation of Germany took place on March 19, 1944. After that, events accelerated and the ordinances depriving and restricting the Hungarian Jews came one after the other.

Sztójay Döme Prime Minister has the No. 1600. M.E. Signed the ordinance of April 14, 1944 on the registration and freezing of Jewish property. The (1) point of the 1st §. stated that “every Jew who lives on the territory of the state has to register property in its possession by April 30, 1944, at the time when it comes into effect, with the responsible financial directorate for his place of residence…”

The obligation to register also placed a burden on non-Jewish people who had Jewish property.

In Sopron, the ordinance blocking the property of the Jews was announced on April 16, four days later their shops and businesses were also blocked.

In the city, 199 houses have been seized from their owners and 159 shops have been “nationalized”. 77 of these shops were on the Sopron trade route on the Várkerület.

The apartments inhabited by Jews were locked after they had moved to the ghetto (mid-May) and the apartments in the ghetto were cordoned off and included in the inventory after their deportation on July 5, 1944.

Poster about the consignment of the bicycles in Jewish possession with pedal and auxiliary motors, June 10, 1944 (Fortepan / Lissák Tivadar)
Advertisement about the inventory of Jewish goods, Budapest, June 18, 1944 (Fortepan / Lissák Tivadar)

(1) 1.§. "Every Jew who lives on the territory of the state has until April 30, 1944, at the time when they come into effect, to register property in his possession with the responsible financial directorate belonging to his place of residence..." (3) Registration includes all property, except Home furnishings, clothing and household items for personal use... The obligation to register extends to any case of works of art, carpets, silverware and other luxury items... (No. 1600 ME Ordinance of 1944 of the Hungarian Royal Ministry on Registration and Blocking Jewish property. In Budapest, April 14, 1944) Sztójay Döme Hungarian royal prime minister

Information sign hung on the blocked Jewish shops, April 22, 1944 (Sopron Museum Collection of small prints)
Information sign hung on the blocked Jewish shops, 1944, Budapest (Fortepan / Lissák Tivadar)
Jewish business under lockdown in Várkerület 121st (today 104th), 1944 (Magyar Zsidó Levéltár / Hungarian Jewish Archive)

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